General Description of .E01 File Extension:
Name: .E01
File type: Disk Image Files
Vendor's Name: Guidance Software
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32-bit/ 64-bit
Popularity(0-5): 4
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Consequences Caused by .E01 File Extension Error:
If your Windows can't open .E01 file,
  • You fail to play the game of .E01 extension.
  • You cannot read and edit the documents of this extension.
  • You fail to view page layout files of .E01 file extension.
  • You cannot play audio and video files of .E01 file extension.
  • You are not able to run the executable file of .E01 extension.
  • You cannot open the file attached to the emails from your relatives and friends.
  • You are not able to open the file after it's extracted from compressed or zipped files..
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Why I Can't Open .E01 File?

windows cannot open this file

File extension is very important and useful for both Windows and users. By simply looking at the file extension, we can know what type of information is saved in and what program to apply to open this file. So does the Windows. According to .E01 file extension, the Operating System will know exactly what program the file you are trying to open is associated with. If Windows can't open .E01 file, it means it can not find the associated programs. There are many reasons that cause this problem:

  • The correct program is not installed.
  • The associated program to open the file is out-dated.
  • The registry entry of the file association is corrupted.
  • The file extension has not been associated with the correct program.
  • The file is corrupted by malware

How Can I Open .E01 File?
If your computer has no such program to open .E01 file, you need to find and install the appropriate program. And you should pay attention to the version of the program, otherwise, you will also fail to open .E01 file. If you have got the program but can not open the file, you should go to Windows registry and check whether the file association is built or broken, or has been damaged by computer spyware. Since this job is too complicated and time-consuming, it's recommended you employ an automatic file open tool specially designed to analyse all possible factors and open various files for you.
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